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Why Choose Us

Fidelity Security is focused on total security. That means we bring an experience based custom solution to each project and post. Our clients tap into over 35 years of proven security solutions.

You can rely on security that meets and exceeds your expectations by identifying and anticipating potential security issues. Fidelity Security Ltd recognizes the massive diversity of security requirements based on the unique conditions, characteristics and facilities presented by each post and position.

How do we at Fidelity Security enjoy advantages over other security companies, and why are we chosen over others for top assignments?

  • We are among the Top Security Firms that pays its staff well and on time. Therefore, our Staff offer the best services in the industry.

  • We strive to offer cost effective Security Services in a proactive way

  • Our employees are vetted and screened individually as per Kenya Security Industry Association (KSIA) where we are one of the Founder Members of KSIA.

  • Our Staff Undergo Security Refresher Courses to acquaint themselves with new developments in the industry like Counter Terrorism.

  • Strongly focused as a regional operation for security officer and guard services – not spread thin, not trying to stretch beyond our strength and resources and capability.

  • Security services are provided to our clients in the form of special operations, risk assessment, security consulting regarding most aspects of security, and more

  • Involved in the communities we serve – we live here, we work here.

  • In touch closely with our clients, clear communication, and personal service – you get to know us; we get to know you…

Our reputation precedes us often, one of solid overall performance; many clients have been with us for over a decade and this in a field known for a rapid turnover in service providers.

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