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About Us

Fidelity Security Ltd was formed in 1981 to influence and inspire the security marketplace by providing thoroughly professional and accountable security services.

At Fidelity Security, we’ve concentrated the focus of our attention to a single point: meeting your organizations' specific security needs. This simple ethic has been the driving factor behind a host of advancements, and has enabled us to set and exceed even higher standards of service.

Security Starts with People... Our people make the difference, beginning with our initial selection through training and development of a skilled, excellent, and experienced force. All of our security officers, guards, and supervisors must pass a comprehensive pre-employment background check and drug screening before being hired and before being scheduled for an officer and guard assignment.


To be the leader in providing a wide range of security services in Kenya.


Our mission is to provide quality security services within the republic with major focus on our customers’ needs and service integrity


  1. We strive to offer cost effective services in a Proactive way

  2. We value our clients and consider them as key to our success

  3. We value our employees and consider them as our principle resource and we seek to assist them in their personal growth and professional development.

  4. We believe in providing a positive working environment by rewarding exemplary performance of staff.

  5. We value innovativeness and creativity in security solutions.

  6. Professionalism in our activities and interactions

  7. Respect for and conservation of the environment.


There exists a strong management team behind the overall operation whose job it is to provide the interface between our staff on the ground and the client's management team. Generally, our management team meets the client on a quarterly basis to discuss performance and provide solutions or adjustments as are mutually agreed. There are be daily and weekly visits by the field operation teams to ensure proper monitoring of the guards is being carried out and to rectify any minor operational problems.

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