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Recruitment Policy

All guards are thoroughly vetted by our staff prior to and during training. The internal vetting procedures include a thorough examination of all employees past employment history, which include where situations merit it, interviews with past employers. External vetting procedures include, but are not confined to, authentication of documents presented as well as confirmation of 'Certificates of Good Conduct' from the relevant authorities.

We only employ guards on a permanent basis.

Candidates are required to produce and meet the following requirements:

  • Current certificate of good conduct from CID - Kenya Police

  • Original New Generation National Identity Cards 

  • Updated Curriculum Vitae

  • Introduction letter from his/her local chief and elder

  • Two coloured passport size photographs

  • At least two referees who must know the candidate for 5 years of good service + copy of their Identity Cards

  • Original certificates of National Examinations

  • Must be able to write, speak both English and Kiswahili.

  • Aged between 30 and 45 years old.

  • Capable of reading and understanding printed instructions, maps or orders.

Stage 1 - Physical & Paperwork

In order to expedite the Recruitment process new recruits must pass the following basic minimum requirements

  • A minimum of 5 foot 10 inches tall (5 foot 8 inches for women)

  • 30 years or above

  • Educational qualifications - KCSE or O Level and above

  • Education Certificates

  • Two Referees from current Fidelity Security employees

  • Previous employer’s testimonials- Certificate of Service & Cause of Exit Letter


Stage 2 - Interview Procedure

  • All Candidates will be interviewed by an Interview Panel consisting of a minimum of three Members of the Interview Pool. The Interview Pool consists of the following: Senior Controller, General Manager and Operations Manager

  • The Interviews are conducted to gauge the suitability of the candidates for success as a guard.

  • The results of the Interview are recorded on an Interview Form. Each of the three members of the panel records the results and their personal assessment of whether the candidate should be approved.

  • All three Members of the panel must give their approval for the Candidate to be successful.

  • If the Candidate is successful, the three Guard Interview Forms are placed in a Temporary Personnel File and all Files are forwarded to the Managing Director for final interview and approval.

Stage 3 – Background Checks

  • Every effort must be made to build up a history of the recruit. The process may seem long and involved but is essential to ensure we employ only the best.

  • All personal referees are contacted for reference

  • At least two previous employers, in addition to any referees supplied by the Candidate, are contacted for reference.

  • Ensure there are no gaps in the employment History. If there are gaps in the history for which there is no account, the application is rejected.

  • Once the recruit has passed this check their Original Certificate of Good Conduct is placed in the file and the guard’s fingerprints are taken and the original form placed in the guards file for future reference.

Wage Policy

Our guards are paid on time and in accordance with the laid down union wages act. In addition we reward exemplary performance.

Fidelity Security is one of the leading Security Companies that pay well and on time. By following such a policy, we are not just within the law, but also have the benefit of maintaining long term employees. More than 50% of our client’s workforce has been with us for over 10 years, which is also the case with our clients.

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