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Client Testimonials

Security was excellent and I felt very safe the whole time"

We are often complemented for the services we provide. Below are a selection from international travellers staying at various hotels and lodges we provide our services to.

"The security was excellent and I appreciate the precautions" - Feb 2012

"We always felt safe at the hotel because of well-trained security guards" - Jan 2020

"Some standouts where the security staff on the entrance" - Nov 2019


"The security is very good from the entrance to the floors, it  is well covered" - Jan 2020


"The hotel is beautiful and the security is splendid" - Nov 2019

"The security made us feel safe regardless of the fear" - Sep 2019

"The security guards smile and wish you a good day or a good night" - Apr 2019


"Very humble security guards and willing to assist" - Apr 2018

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